“Hair” Mail

After reading an e-mail from a viewer last week regarding various things, such as show re-runs, sets, my hairstyle, and whether I wear a wig or not, I decided to devote this post to hairstyles. I think it’s interesting that male television hosts do not get comments/criticism about their hair style like women hosts do. I wonder why!

So, in response to this viewer saying that I had worn my hair in the same style for 15 years and that she assumed I wear a wig (which I do not), I went through some old press kits so I could prove this point. As I explained to her, the reason our sets do not change very often is because we rely on donations to build new sets, and we prefer to put what little money we have into equipment and production. So, I admit we have only had about 5 or 6 sets through the past 35 years — and now that we are in the new Broadcast Center, we won’t be changing the current sets anytime soon as they are beautiful and work well and look great on camera.

I only found press kits from 1986 on (don’t guess we moved older ones when we moved into the new building), but I think the pictures I’m going to share will prove my point that I have had various hairstyles through the years. As you look at these hairstyles and laugh and giggle, ask yourself if you or anyone who know ever wore their hair in a similar style “back then.” Enjoy — and let me know which one you like best.