When I went to my blog to update it, I was so embarrassed that I hadn’t posted anything since January.  I couldn’t help but wonder why!  Then I started thinking about what has occurred since then – just the usual.  Tapings through April, working on the 36th annual KENW online Auction through July, planning for the next series of Creative Living in terms of selecting topics, writing scripts, taping bridges, etc.  I just completed the new Creative Living booklet that accompanies this new series, and I’m so excited for you to see it.

The booklet is divided into four different sections, and I’m going to provide a link so you can go directly to the new booklet (if you’re interested) and download whichever part you want.  It’s free!  The link to all the booklets for Creative Living is:  http://kenw.org/creative-living-booklets.

Wanda Newberry designed the booklet cover again for me, and I told her that I always think the newest one is her best yet – but I’ve loved all the ones she’s designed over the years.  She is so talented!  If you’ve followed the show for long, and looked at all the booklets, let me know which one is your favorite – and I’ll share that with Wanda.

Our county fair is in progress and I enjoyed judging the 4-H Open class this year.  I love keeping up with what the 4-H members in our county are doing.  Probably comes from serving as an Extension Home Economist many years ago and working with the 4-H program as well as the adult homemakers program.

When you have time, I would like to encourage you to go to the home page for Creative Living, which you can find at:  http://kenw.org/creative-living-home-page

I’m making myself a promise that I won’t be so negligent on blogging from now on!  As my father-in-law always commented “Time will tell” and how right he was.

Bye for now,





Happy New Year

It’s hard to believe another Christmas has come and gone and we are in 2012.  Remember when we were all worried about Y2K?  This year the talk is about the Mayan calendars.  Are you concerned?  Fortunately, I just don’t worry about things like that because I know I have no control over whether anything happens or not.  Besides, it is rather depressing to think about.

I’m furiously working on the new 6300 Series of “Creative Living.”  The segments have been chosen for some time now, but all the rest of the paperwork is “in the works.”  Actually today I posted the elements of the 6300 Press Kit online so other PBS stations can access them and start planning their Spring line-up — which I hope will include “Creative Living.”  If you happen to support your local PBS station, I sure would appreciate you contacting them and requesting that they schedule the upcoming 6300 series of “Creative Living,” which starts May 7th — and it’s a FREE offer.  It really does make a difference if a station hears from their own viewers about wanting to see a specific show.

Each time I start a new series, I contact my dear friend and co-worker, Wanda Newberry to design a new postcard and  booklet cover — and this one may be my all-time favorite.  I love the turquoise color.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks Wanda for being so creative.  Speaking of new booklet, now that the other elements for the new series are coming together, I will start working on the new booklet.  This is really my favorite thing to do.  I love working in InDesign and featuring the recipes, instructions and other materials that my guests have provided when they were here to tape.

I will be taping bridges for all 26 shows of the new series next week.  It’s a lot to do at one time, but we all agree we like to get them done and not have to repeat the process for another 6 months.  Jacob Workman is the one who edits all the shows, and he does such a great job.  Thanks Jacob for all you do to make me (and the show) look as good as possible.

I always wonder if anyone ever reads a blog, but I can happily report that I had two people contact me about being on the show after reading the article I wrote in November.  I was so excited when they told me they had read that I was looking for guests to tape in 2012 – and they are scheduled to do so.

Our January “Creative Living” newsletter is also available on our website.  If you are interested in reading it, just go to:  http://mediad.publicbroadcasting.net/p/kenw/files/201201/Newsletter_28-January_2012.pdf.  I’m trying something different this month – based on comments from readers.  Instead of writing the complete article on topics, I am providing a link for more information.  As I say in the newsletter, let me know if you like this format better.

I hope to hear from you.


Looking for guests

My last taping date for 2011 will be December 1st, and my guest will be representing Butterball.  Our second semester begins the first of February and runs through April of 2012 — which used to seem a long time away.  But, I realized I needed to get busy and start trying to find some interesting guests to tape with.  When the show first started 35 years ago, this process required locating a huge book from the Home Economists in Business (no longer in existence) group, picking out prospective companies, writing a letter of invitation and explanation, mailing it and then hoping for a response within a few weeks.  Now, with the internet, this process is so much easier and the response time is minutes or hours usually.

I have extended an invitation to companies representing foods and nutrition, sewing, crafts, gardening, home decorating — and a few others that I just happened to run across.  I’ve already heard from some and have a few others who are checking with sponsors.

Do you know anyone you might recommend?  I always think the best recommendation comes from someone who knows someone else.  If you have any suggestions, would you please e-mail me at:  sheryl.borden@enmu.edu

One of my dear friends, Connie Moyers recently held her annual holiday program and the booklet she prepares is full of great ideas, recipes, decorating tips, etc.  I thought I would share one of my favorites from Connie’s program.  I hope you enjoy it.


3 Tbsp. sugar

2 Tbsp. water

2 tsp. minced chipotle pepper in adobe sauce

1/2 tsp. salt

2 Tbsp. butter, melted

1 cup pecan halves

1 cup walnut halves

Parchment paper

1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate morsels

1 Tbsp. shortening

1/4 cup white chocolate morsels, melted

Preheat oven to 250 degrees.  Combine sugar, water, chipotle pepper and salt in a medium-size nonstick skillet.  Cook over medium heat until mixture comes to a boil; remove from heat and stir in butter.  Add nuts and gently stir to coat.  Spoon coated nuts in a single layer onto a rimmed baking sheet lined with parchment paper.  Bake at 250 degrees for 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes.   Spread nuts on wax paper or parchment paper to cool, breaking apart large clumps as nuts cool.  Melt semisweet chocolate morsels and shortening in a small saucepan over low heat, stirring until smooth.  Remove from heat; cool slightly.  Toss cooled nuts in semisweet chocolate until coated.  Return nuts to wax paper and let harden.  Drizzle white chocolate over nuts (do not toss).  Let harden.

Connie gave me a jar of these delicacies after her taping — and they are delicious.

Happy Thanksgiving,


35th Anniversary Series to begin in September!

It’s hard to believe, but “Creative Living with Sheryl Borden” will begin its 35th anniversary series in September!

In fact, we just added a new poster/picture in our hall at the station. The one on the far left is for 25 years, the one on the far right is for 30, and the new one in the center is for 35 years. I thought you might like to see them.

The cover of our new booklet features a vertical version of the same design. I already have the segments chosen for each show, and a postcard (with the same design) has gone to all of the program managers at the other PBS stations throughout the country. The series begins September 7th and will run for 26 weeks. I hope your PBS station carries “Creative Living,” but if they don’t, you can ask them to do so — it’s a FREE offer to all stations!

Do you know anyone whom I could contact to be a guest on the next series? Just send me their name, e-mail, website (if they have one) or phone number and a brief description of what they do. I’m currently scheduling guests for October and November.

Besides celebrating our up-coming Anniversary series of “Creative Living,” and celebrating the 4th of July, I also get to celebrate my birthday on July 2nd – and what better way than with my two grandkids – Dillon (age 9) on the left and Kelsey (age 4) on the right. The beautiful yellow roses are from my oldest son who lives in Miami.

That’s about it for now. I’ll try to do a better job posting in the future. I just get busy with other things, and forget about having a blog.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Stay cool.


Taping has begun!

Last Thursday marked the first taping for “Creative Living” for the fall semester. We have a new crew of college students, and they were great! It usually takes a few weeks for everyone to feel comfortable working together, but we didn’t seem to have any of those problems this time. Maybe it’s because I had three excellent guests to work with.

My first guest was Franki Kohler, and she’s a quilter and author who showed lots of ways to make and embellish fabric postcards — and they can go through the postal system. When I asked Franki how she got interested in making these fabric postcards, she said she had gotten tired of making large quilts so she turned her talents — and fabrics — into the small works of art.

I had so much fun working with my second guest — Casey Schwartz. She’s a floral designer and she and her sister own Flower Duet in Redondo Beach, CA. You know how you sometimes meet someone for the very first time, and you just “click.” Well, that’s how it was with Casey. She was so easy to work with and we had so much fun. She has a very interesting background relating to the floral business, and it’s easy to see why she’s so good at what she does. She showed five different techniques for making various centerpieces and arrangements. The students were so excited when they got to take home a centerpiece from the taping — thanks to Casey’s generosity. And, today I had the pleasure of scheduling Casey & her sister as my first guests for Fall 2011! I can hardly wait.

And, then my longtime and dear friend, Laura Dellutri taped a couple of segments on new appliances and products for making your life less stressful. After the taping, Laura, her friend Shawn and I had a late lunch (at 2:00 pm). I always enjoy when I can spend some downtime with my guests — especially the ones I’ve become such close friends with.

Well, that’s about it for now. Our station is hosting a political debate on Saturday, October 9th and Sam Donaldson will be here to serve as the moderator. Should be very exciting. Tune in and watch the candidates for District II US Senate seat.

Web Page Design

I know that many of you probably can create or design, update, etc. your web page. I, however, find it very frustrating. The University has a web master who has worked with our station for several years because we can’t afford to hire a full-time person. This talented young man came to the station to “train” about 6 of us so we could start making our own changes and additions to the various pages.

Well, I have to admit, I didn’t do anything about this until after a major project was completed which took about 3 months. Then, when I was ready to tackle the Creative Living web page, I couldn’t remember what he had told us. However, one of the people I work with had been using the skills we were trained in, and with a lot of help from her, I managed to update my web page.

The problem I am having is that a month goes by before I need to update or post anything new to the web site, so we’re back to square one.

Thanks for listening. Just needed to vent. ha If you’re interested, you can visit my web site at: www.kenw.org and click on the Creative Living tab at the top of the home page.

It’s snowing – I can’t believe it!

It’s Thursday, and as I’ve done for the past 34 years, my plans were to tape with two very interesting guests for “Creative Living.”  Well, guess what — it has already snowed 3 inches — and for New Mexico, that’s a lot of snow.

Since I didn’t finish this “blog” I’m picking up now.  It has snowed at least 6 inches and the University (where I work) officially closed today.  But, several brave souls – including me — braved the snow and actually came to work for my taping.  None of our regular camera operators, who are students at the University, were here (obviously) so our chief digital engineer ran one camera, a graduate student ran Camera #2 and our Director of Production ran camera #3.

In spite of all of the snow, both guests finally got here, unloaded all of their props and we taped 4 great segments which will air sometime during the coming year.

My guests were Eleisha Ensin with TexaSweet Citrus Marketing in Mission, Texas and Lauren Ferguson, a crafter, from Atlanta.  Both were astonished at all the snow but were very good sports about having to be out in it.  We joked and said that someday they can brag and say, “I remember the time I had to walk through 6 feet (well, that’s close to 6 inches) of snow just to tape some segments for “Creative Living.”  And, who will know the difference?

Well, I’m home for the rest of the day and probably for tomorrow, too.  Stay warm!