Taping has begun!

Last Thursday marked the first taping for “Creative Living” for the fall semester. We have a new crew of college students, and they were great! It usually takes a few weeks for everyone to feel comfortable working together, but we didn’t seem to have any of those problems this time. Maybe it’s because I had three excellent guests to work with.

My first guest was Franki Kohler, and she’s a quilter and author who showed lots of ways to make and embellish fabric postcards — and they can go through the postal system. When I asked Franki how she got interested in making these fabric postcards, she said she had gotten tired of making large quilts so she turned her talents — and fabrics — into the small works of art.

I had so much fun working with my second guest — Casey Schwartz. She’s a floral designer and she and her sister own Flower Duet in Redondo Beach, CA. You know how you sometimes meet someone for the very first time, and you just “click.” Well, that’s how it was with Casey. She was so easy to work with and we had so much fun. She has a very interesting background relating to the floral business, and it’s easy to see why she’s so good at what she does. She showed five different techniques for making various centerpieces and arrangements. The students were so excited when they got to take home a centerpiece from the taping — thanks to Casey’s generosity. And, today I had the pleasure of scheduling Casey & her sister as my first guests for Fall 2011! I can hardly wait.

And, then my longtime and dear friend, Laura Dellutri taped a couple of segments on new appliances and products for making your life less stressful. After the taping, Laura, her friend Shawn and I had a late lunch (at 2:00 pm). I always enjoy when I can spend some downtime with my guests — especially the ones I’ve become such close friends with.

Well, that’s about it for now. Our station is hosting a political debate on Saturday, October 9th and Sam Donaldson will be here to serve as the moderator. Should be very exciting. Tune in and watch the candidates for District II US Senate seat.


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