Now that the dust has settled!

Our 34th annual KENW online auction is officially over, and we are pleased with the income that came in. This was by far the hardest auction I’ve produced and I think that’s because of the over-all economy — it was harder to get items donated, and buyers naturally had to use discretion in terms of buying merchandise and gift certificates. But, the monies raised will go a long way towards purchasing the programming for our local PBS station. Thanks to everyone who helped by donating or by purchasing items from us.

Now, on to bigger and better things. I’m looking forward to meeting with a friend on Friday for lunch regarding a new project she has planned. It will be even more special because Friday is also my 29th birthday again! ha

The rest of the summer will be spent more in planning now that the auction is over. I need to schedule guests for taping for October and November for Creative Living. Do any of you know someone to recommend? I’m always so thrilled to have repeat guests, but am also on the look out for new people to have on the show to share their particular area of expertise. Just e-mail me at: if you would like to recommend someone.

How many of you play Bunco? Isn’t it the most fun game? It’s what is called a “no-brainer” but when you spend all day working, it sure is fun to get together with 12 or more friends and play Bunco. I’ve even won once in a while — but not often! ha

Any big plans for the summer?

Talk to you soon.


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