Auction and some of my other favorite things!

You know as well as I do that if you have a task or job to do, you might as well do it with energy, enthusiasm and excitement!  This is the 21st year that I’ve produced our station’s biggest fundraiser — the Auction.

This year marks our 34th annual KENW Auction, and the reason we hold an auction each year is to raise money to pay for programs that we air on our public television station.  Several other stations throughout the PBS system also do auctions either live, online or a combination of both.  For 30 years, we held a 6-day “live” on-air auction and it was so much fun for everyone who came out and helped us.  From our standpoint, it was also a lot of work; a lot of begging for food to feed 50+ volunteers each night; and a lot of physical work involved in shooting the merchandise and inputting it to air.  Oh, well — those were the good ‘ole days!

With the economy as it is and businesses hurting, this year has been the hardest one I’ve encountered in terms of getting gift certificates and merchandise to sell on our Auction — which is understandable.  But, in spite of things, we have around 2000 items “up for bid” on our online Auction.  Another plus to doing the Auction online is that people who live all around the country, or even around the globe, can go to our website and check out our listings and bid on them.

I always ask people to please share our auction web-site with anyone they have in their address book.  The more people who visit the site, the more bids and thus, the more money we raise for our programming budget, which exceeds $385,000 annually.

The website is:

If you just want to browse, you can look through all of the categories, and even make a wish list.  However, auctions are all about PARTICIPATING!  In order to place a bid, you do have to be registered.  At the top of each page is a link to “Register.”  You simply put in your name, address and phone numbers, as well as your e-mail address so we can contact you if you are the high bidder.  The computer will issue you a Username (although you can change it to anything you want to use), and then you select your own pass-word.  It’s that easy!

Then, the fun begins.  If you’re familiar with auctions, such as ebay or Amazon, this one works just the same way.  You can even place a reserve bid, and the computer will do your bidding for you, and then alert you (via e-mail) when your top bid has been reached.  Then you have a choice of bidding higher or going on to something else.

Even though I usually talk about guests who have been on Creative Living, this time I’d like to encourage you participate in our auction (and tell everyone you know to go to the website) because the money we raise even helps us produce and distribute Creative Living, as well as buy the traditional shows, such as Sesame Street, Austin City Limits, PBS Newshour, etc.

You’ll notice as you look through some of the different categories that many of the guests who have been on Creative Living, or whom I’ve told you about, have donated items for us to sell. We are very grateful to them for their generosity. It’s obvious, they value public television, and have had a good experience from taping segments with us for Creative Living. Thanks to each of them and to all of our donors and auction sponsors.

Talk about unusual! Each year I think we’ll never have something more unusual than the year before — but we do. Last year, we had, for the first time, a live Angus bull. Then we added some chickens, goats, and a Watusi bull — and they all sold!

This year, we again have the Angus bull, but we also have (drum roll please) a 3-year old pet buffalo! However, my favorite category is one called Dolls & More Dolls, and it’s new this year because we received 39 COLLECTIBLE Barbie Dolls from a generous donor in Hobbs, New Mexico. These dolls are in mint condition, new and still in the boxes, and are no longer available from Mattel. Most are from the 1994 – 1998 era and would be great for a doll collector or for some special little girl in your life. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

In case dolls aren’t your thing, we have the following categories that are sure to offer something for everyone:
Art – 15 items
Books & Music & DVDs – 22 items
Car Talk – 38 items
Celebrity – 15 items
Clothing, etc. – 22 items
Collectibles – 15 items
Crafty Crafts – 22 items
Entertainment – 27 items
Food Gift Certificates – 101 items
Food Related Items – 28 items
Gifts & Such – 28 items
Health & Beauty Gift Certificates – 39 items
Health & Beauty Products – 14 items
Home & Garden – 48 items
Home & Office – 20 items
Home Interior – 24 items
Jewelry – 24 items
Kids & Kompany – 22 items
Miscellaneous – 17 items
Money Talks – 11 items
New & Unique Items – 73 items
Pets & Animals – 16 items
Photography – 10 items
Sports – 28 items
Vacations – 42 items

So, regardless of where you live, there are some items you might be able to get for a “steal!” We encourage people to bid as high as they feel they can, but we also know how much fun it is to get a “bargain.” And, you’re helping public television at the same time.

You may be wondering, “But, if I don’t live in Portales, how can I pick up my item(s) and pay for them?” Again, we make it just like shopping from any catalog or online auction. You can send a check or money order for the amount you bid, and if there are shipping charges, we’ll alert you to the amount. Or, you can put your charges on a major credit card, and we’ll either mail or ship the items to you via UPS.

There are a few items, such as furniture, that have to be picked up at the store, or here at the Broadcast Center, but I indicate this in the item description so you’ll know ahead of time what restrictions there are. But, with the exception of about 10 items, we can mail or ship everything anywhere. So, don’t let that slow you down from having fun and bidding on our auction items.

Next month, I’ll let you know how the auction turned out and bring you up-to-date on happenings for Creative Living. In the meantime, happy shopping!



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