The Easter bunny is coming!

My taping this week was with 2 guests — both from Albuquerque — who met and found they had lots in common. Both are sewing experts. Nancy Lovett teaches through the Adult Education program at the University of New Mexico and been on the show several times through the years, although this was her first time to see the new studio.

My other guest was Debbie Caffrey, and she’s written numerous books on various quilting projects.  She makes quilting look so simple that anyone could do it.  I love the bright fabrics she uses.

Today was spent decorating a birthday cake for my soon-to-be 3 year old granddaughter.  She chose Dora the Explorer as her theme, and that’s what her cake is.  Her birthday is actually April 9th, but we decided to celebrate her birthday on Easter Sunday since we would all be together. 

My 8 year old grandson “helped” me with the cake.  He always had the next icing bag, coupler and tip ready as well as the correct color of icing.  He really was a lot of   help.  He and I also decorated a little bunny house (a take off on a gingerbread house except it was made with sugar cookie dough) that we’re going to use for our Easter table centerpiece. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.


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