More snow – but get a life!

When I hear about all the snow and the storm that is (has) hit the East Coast, I realize how lucky we are here in New Mexico. However, we’ve had snow for 2 weeks, and more is expected this week.

Our local Chamber of Commerce is having its annual banquet Tuesday night at the ENMU Campus Union Bldg. and our speaker is Baxter Black. If you’ve never heard his speak, you’ve missed out on some great stories, lots of laughter and good times. We had hoped for 400 people, but we’ve only sold about 200+ tickets. I think people are hesitant to get out in the snow.

Then on Wednesday, I am on the hostess committee for our local Woman’s Club, and of course, we are using a Valentine’s Day theme. It’ll be fun.

Do you have any luck selling things on ebay? I sure haven’t. Maybe I need to take a class in listing items and writing good descriptions because I never seem to get bids, nor sell the items. I’m getting ready to list some jewelry (which I’ve never tried to sell before) and I’ll see if I do better with that. Currently I’m trying to sell a Wii exercise program and that’s not going well. I’ve re-listed it 3 times. Any offers from anyone? ha


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