It’s snowing – I can’t believe it!

It’s Thursday, and as I’ve done for the past 34 years, my plans were to tape with two very interesting guests for “Creative Living.”  Well, guess what — it has already snowed 3 inches — and for New Mexico, that’s a lot of snow.

Since I didn’t finish this “blog” I’m picking up now.  It has snowed at least 6 inches and the University (where I work) officially closed today.  But, several brave souls – including me — braved the snow and actually came to work for my taping.  None of our regular camera operators, who are students at the University, were here (obviously) so our chief digital engineer ran one camera, a graduate student ran Camera #2 and our Director of Production ran camera #3.

In spite of all of the snow, both guests finally got here, unloaded all of their props and we taped 4 great segments which will air sometime during the coming year.

My guests were Eleisha Ensin with TexaSweet Citrus Marketing in Mission, Texas and Lauren Ferguson, a crafter, from Atlanta.  Both were astonished at all the snow but were very good sports about having to be out in it.  We joked and said that someday they can brag and say, “I remember the time I had to walk through 6 feet (well, that’s close to 6 inches) of snow just to tape some segments for “Creative Living.”  And, who will know the difference?

Well, I’m home for the rest of the day and probably for tomorrow, too.  Stay warm!



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